Article - Canadian Softball Cricket Association going for whiteball this season by Ravindra Mandolall
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Canadian Softball Cricket Association going for whiteball this season by Ravindra Mandolall

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Canadian Softball Cricket Association going for whiteball this season by Ravindra Mandolall

The Canadian Softball Cricket association (CSCA) is going for the whiteball at the forthcoming 2019 season in its various competitions, according to newly elected president of the association Rishi Mohan.
Mohan stated that the association has seen tremendous growth over the years and the participation is expected to be great since a large number of teams already have expressed their interest.
Apart from the whiteball, Mohan also mentioned that the association will keep up with its high standard they have set and ensure the tournaments are run properly. Mohan further declared that fans will be well-entertained again with these wonderful softball players on show and is very thankful to his fellow executives for the tremendous amount of work that they have done to see the steady and rapid growth of the game under their association.
“I am confident of another successful season; the guys have been working really hard and no doubt we will have a fascinating season again; in addition to that, there are a lot of works in the planning and development for CSCA 2019 cricket season by introducing the white ball in our First Division. We have introduced the round-hand ball in our Second Division while we [are] thinking of potential competition with the round-arm league,” Mohan enthusiastically said.
One of the main reasons the association will be playing with the whiteball, which has gained enormous popularity in the past decade, is owing to participate in overseas whiteball competitions mainly the Guyana, New York and Florida Cups. It may have come into reckoning too that the Toronto Cup, which is being organised under the auspices of the Ontario Masters Softball Cricket league, will be played in early September this year, the third edition.
Quizzed on his role as leader for a softball organization which is usually challenging since there are hot competitions with a variety of softball leagues across the Province of Ontario, Mohan responded.
“With my past experience and roles on the CSCA board, I'm very confident as a leader of this organization especially to have a very supportive and knowledgeable board and sub-committee members. I'm a risk-taker and not afraid to fail. I love challenges since it makes me better. As a President of the organization I'm strict but also open for feedback and opinions of how we can make our organization better. Even though, it's a voluntary role I normally take my responsibility very seriously and I try my best to have a balance with personal life and my career. I want to make a difference and I am very enthusiastic and passionate to pushing the cricket to a higher more respected level,” Mohan expressed.
Meanwhile, Mohan already revealed that the association is set to host a gala presentation and award ceremony on October 19 at a venue to be named but he is excited about the occasion since it will have some celebrities gracing it. He stated that the presentation should be thrilling as well since the top teams and players would be fully recognised for their efforts. Apart from the presentation, Mohan indicated that they have a Meet and Greet next month (10th) at 1001 Meyerside, Mississauga. The fixtures for this year’s season are expected to release soon as the teams will be vying for top honours in the T20, T10 and All-Star competitions.

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