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CSCA looking forward to an exciting 2021 season

02/05/2021POSTED BY Rishi Mohan

CSCA looking forward to an exciting 2021 season


By Ravendra Madholall

President of the Canadian Softball Cricket Association (CSCA) Rishi Mohan stated that he and his executives are ready to run off another cricket season once all goes well.

Understandably so things were kept off the field last year owing to the unprecedented times because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but only the CSCA was able to pull off two shortened competitions. 

Mohan expressed satisfaction with the 2020 proceedings and is highly optimistic this year will see more events by his association and other leagues.
“We trust 2021 will be a better year for everyone especially the cricket fans, as we all know cricket is evolving and the CSCA’s executives are motivated to expand their minds and push the envelope so we make cricket more fun and exciting for the players. We have lots of plans in the pipeline and working diligently behind the scene to continuously make cricket fun for CSCA. We are excited and looking forward to 2021,” Mohan declared.

He continued to mention that cricket was badly affected by the virus which broke out in mid-March of 2020 and the Municipalities within its jurisdiction put out limitations for fans.
“No cricket league in Ontario was able to have a regular cricket season however, thanks to our fellow board members, participating teams, umpires, sponsors, and wonderful supporters that CSCA was able to put together two successful tournaments,” Mohan commented.

In addition to the excitement on the field, Mohan said one of the competitions saw a side (Sparta X1) donated $350 to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto as a Charity venture. The CSCA was able to raise a total of $1,350 during the season.
“It's a great feeling to be able to give back to a needy cause just to think of the smile it would put on the kids that are less fortunate and we as an organization surrounded by some of the most dedicated fans and supporters we were able to make a difference and it goes a far way,” Mohan related. 

According to him, their Annual General Meeting will be held soon and they will get cracking with their plans for some softball actions.

As of January 26, the Province of Ontario reported approximately 2,100 new cases while there were 46 more deaths. 

In Canada around the same date, they had 756, 600 cases, 19, 580 deaths but 687, 991 recovered since the global disaster of COVID-19 started.  


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